Sustainable innovation

"Because we are passionate about the magic of chemistry,
but we are even more passionate about people and the lives they lead.".
Aldo Sutter

Our Company is an asset that we are temporarily managing for the benefit of future generations.
Just like the environment.
For this reason, at Sutter, we are driven by the need to define, before and better than others, a new balance between the continuing demand for effective and innovative solutions and the need to deliver, for ourselves and for our children, a genuinely safer, healthier and more natural environment.

It is time for the sustainable innovation.
A new chapter is opening for a Company and a family that for over 150 years has met the challenges of change, putting their talents at the service of the common interest, delivering results where others merely discuss their aspirations.
Because we are passionate about the magic of chemistry,
but we are even more passionate about people and the lives they lead.

The ZERO impact
cleaning force

which respects environment and people

Our mission is aimed at combining the development of high performing formulas while respecting both nature and people.
For that reason, during the years we have been investing a significant part of our resources in the creation of value and sustainable innovation.
The Zero line was born in 2015 and now, thanks to research and to the significant results achieved, we have widened our range of products by increasing the usage of natural origin raw materials obtained from renewable sources.


The product line includes Zero and Zero Extra products.

The Zero products do not have CLP pictograms, therefore they are not classified as hazardous (Reg. 1272/2008/EC CLP), the Zero Extra products, in order to guarantee the high cleaning standards required in special applications, are fully biodegradable and from vegetal origin but still contain some active substances which require the application of some pictograms.

The professional user of chemical products tends to think that vegetal origin products cannot have the same performance as traditional products. Through research and the sharing of the Natural Force vision with the world main raw material producers, Sutter has been able to obtain a complete line of high performing products with the following characteristics:


The surfactants contained in the ZERO line are fully biodegradable both in aerobic conditions (with oxygen) and in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen).

(*) With raw materials of vegetal origin fully biodegradable
(The surfactants contained in the products are easily, quickly and fully biodegradable in compliance with Regulation 648/2004/EC)


The “heavy metals” cause allergic contact dermatitis due to the usage of detergents. They can come either from impurities in the substances used or from residues of the production cycle of the product.
0.01 ppm (mg/kg): allowed limit in ZERO
5 ppm (mg/kg): concentration limit considered as “safe”.
We ensure that this limit is never exceeded through a constant monitoring of production batches.


The fragrances used in the ZERO line comply with the requirements of ECOLABEL Decisions and IFRA standards.
The Zero line products do not have a warning label for allergic sensitisation. Some of the fragrances used do not contain any of the 26 most common allergens used in the formulas for detergents; others contain a very low level, which is not relevant for the hazardousness of the mixture.

(*)It contains allergen-free fragrances (Regulation 648/2004/EC)


They are now classified as endocrine disruptors, their usage in cosmetics is limited to some product categories.
Although their usage is not prohibited for cleaning products, no paraben is used as preserver in the Zero line.


The ZERO LINE products on which it has been possible to carry put the patch test (highly acid/alkaline products have not been tested) proved an excellent skin tolerability.
SUTTER Group does not carry out any test on animals.


The substances contained allow the product not to be classified as hazardous (Reg. 1272/2008/EC CLP)

(*)Classification valid only for Zero line and not for Zero Extra line


formulas with vegetal origin raw materials

apg cocco alcool-etilico acido-citrico profumazione


They come from the processing of renewable sources (for examples, potatoes and corn);
They are surfactant: they change the surface tension on dirt, helping its solubilisation and removal;
They have emollient properties (they are used in cosmetics). They are not dangerous for the environment.

Coconut soap

It comes from coconut oil saponification process (salification);
It contains glycerine which reduces skin irritation thanks to its emollient action;
It has a solubilising action on greasy dirt (organic residues);
It helps the chemical stabilisation of formulas.

Ethyl alcohol

It comes from sugar beet fermentation;
It is used as solvent and sanitiser and helps solubilise dirt on surfaces by mechanically removing germs and bacteria;
It favours evaporation: no rinse needed on the treated surface.

Lactic acid

It is a vegetal origin product coming from sugar beet fermentation processes.
It can be used as limestone remover and PH regulator. Its name comes from the fact that the microorganisms (bacteria) involved in the fermentation from which it originates are called lactic.

Citric acid

This substance is present in nature in many vegetal organisms, for example it is contained in significant quantities in lemon and orange juices;
Its primary function is the removal of limestone;
When it is used as pH stabiliser and regulator, it ensures the correct product action.


All the products have a pleasant fragrance!
All the fragrances used in the Zero line comply with ECOLABEL requirements and IFRA standards.

Line Zero

The right solution for all environments

Discover the products of the new Zero line of Sutter Professional!


A range of detergents for all types of surface and dirt, with high quality performances and pleasant fragrances, in compliance with ECOLABEL requirements and IFRA standards. Effective solutions for floor treatments, caring for the materials it is made of.

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Furniture, glasses and modern surfaces in all your house will shine naturally with the Zero line products.
You will obtain excellent cleaning results and, at the same time, respect for people and environment safety.

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Hygiene and cleaning are very important in the kitchen. Our formulas with vegetal origin ingredients have been designed specifically to ensure safety, hygiene and disinfection in food areas and on all the surfaces which come into contact with food.

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The bathroom is the symbol of cleanliness in tourist accommodations, therefore specific Zero line products have been designed to ensure an excellent cleaning and sanitising action on all bathroom surfaces.

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Hand and body hygiene is one of the most important actions to ensure health and safety. The Zero line Lotion products (cream and foam) meet these requirements. They are also delicate on the skin and make it soft and pleasantly perfumed.

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